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Developmental literature and reading literature

Publishing House “ASSA” is a publishing house specializing in children’s books. We have already published many books in children's fiction, educational and early childhood development. On the book market we are since 2009. In cooperation with specialists in the field of education such as methodologists, teachers and psychologists, we began to produce educational and developmental literature for children. And every year, the amount of the titles in this sector expands. In 2015, ACCA publishing house patented the useful model "Educational and reference stickers", which formed the basis of the series "Smart stickers" and "Handbook in stickers".
Developmental literature and reading literature

School literature

Since 2016, we began to develop a new sector — fiction for children. The first title we published was the world bestseller “Warriors Cats”, which became very popular in Ukraine. Over time, the series "Fantasy Time" and "Book Tours" were created, which introduce readers to the best examples of modern teenage fantasy. And as a part of these series, books by Ukrainian authors Natalia Matolinets, Olga Migel, Volodymyr Areniev, Anna Hryhorovych, Valeriy Puzik, Yulia Batkilina, Dmytro Zhuravel, and Jacques Jabiè have already been published.
School literature


Another highlight of our publishing house is books for the youngest. Our books for reading and early childhood development are filled with bright, original pictures and methodologically verified, so learning about the world around with them is easy and fun.

Some of the PH ASSA books are winners of the domestic awards:

  • Best Book of the Publishers' Forum, "City" nomination, 2017, for the book "Facades. Kharkiv" by Maxim Rosenfeld.
  • BaraBooka Best Debut award, 2018, for Nataliya Matolinets' urban fantasy "Warta in the Game".
  • BaraBooka TOP short list, 2019, for the second book of Nataliya Matolinets' urban fantasy "Warta in the Game" — "Artifacts of Prague".
  • BaraBooka Best Series award, 2021, for Nataliya Matolinets' urban fantasy series "Warta in the Game" of three books (Warta in the Game, Artifacts of Prague, Blood of Budapest).
  • Ukrainian vloggers rating "The Most Important Ukrainian Books of 2018" top 5 books — Volodymyr Arenev's "The Child of Cynocephali".
  • BaraBooka Best Ukrainian Fantasy for Teenagers award 2018, Volodymyr Arenev's "The Child of Cynocephali".
  • Espresso. Readers' Choice 2019 book award, 2019, Volodymyr Arenev's "The Child of Cynocephali".
  • Kotsyubynskyi Children's literature award 2020, Volodymyr Arenev's "The Child of Cynocephali".
  • Book of the Future festival competition, Experiment in Paper nomination, 2021, 3d place, "Palaces and Fortresses of Ukraine".
The PH ASSA constantly expands the range of children's books, releasing more than 50 new titles every year.
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